ACCURACY: Varying levels of review and control by staff prior to release of financial information.

COST: Eliminates need to purchase hardware/software and perform costly upgrades. Experienced financial/accounting staff without incurring benefit, training, replacement, and other direct/indirect expenses.

FLEXIBILITY: Special request turnaround is generally within 4 to 6 business hours. Report modifications/additional financial reports can occur within 2 to 4 business hours.

SECURITY: System backups taken nightly and weekly/monthly/yearly backups are stored offsite.

SERVICES: Can tailor services around the organization’s needs and requirements, thereby further reducing costs. Additional services can be implemented immediately as priorities/requirements change.

TIMELINESS: Fully controlled financial information available by the 21st of the following month. Monthly/quarterly billings are generated 3 to 5 business days prior to their due date at funding sources.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Over 55 years of staff financial experience/expertise in managing/monitoring and accounting for businesses.